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Six Years Together
Six years have passed since that wonderful night,
Like a moth I was drawn to your radiant light,
Captured by the warmth of your beautiful face,
I fell deeper when held in your loving embrace.
The bond that we formed words can't describe,
Just know in my heart you're forever inscribed,
Like lovers etching their names on a tree,
In my heart that's where you will always be.
Together we've walked down this road called time,
I'm so glad it was your hand that was holding mine,
You saw my first home, you took me to yours,
Looking on as waves crash New Zealand's shores.
From Geiger's Museum to the Venetian streets,
And all to the soundtrack of Dave's fabulous beats,
The path that we've taken, I'd never have guessed,
But having walked it now, I truly feel blessed.
For all that has happened between you and I,
Across the vastness of time we're the blink of an eye,
And yet one thing is true, from now till forever,
Our love has made the most beautiful girl ever.
:iconkhimaros:Khimaros 0 0
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United Kingdom
I live in Worcestershire, England, but my spiritual home is Nerdsville.

I'm fascinated by science, science fiction, psychology, nature, creepy crawlies & I love all forms of escapism, be it a great film, TV show, game, piece of art, a book, day dream or an afternoon enjoying my guitar.

I'm driven by the knowledge we only get one shot at life, so we should make sure it's a life worth remembering. I try to learn something new every day, but the more I learn, the more I realise how little we know and understand.

I find the relationship between knowledge, information, belief and faith to be a philosophical enigma of such unbound epic proportions that it blows my mind. I cannot therefore, understand people who direct so much hate and anger towards those with different beliefs from their own.

We are after all, merely the embers of a flame, a single explosion of light and energy so vast, burning through time with such ferocious complexity, that it is now reflecting on it's own existence from a trillion different perspectives.

It's very easy to think we are alone, but we are not, we are simply a tiny fraction of one beautiful elegant whole.

Your Government is in control. We've caught and killed the bad guy, you know, the one who's been terrorising you all for the past ten years. Ever since 9/11 he's orcestrated all of the terrorist attacks against the Western world, like, er, well, terrorist shit. You know, the stuff that keeps you up all night.

But relax, we killed The Boogie Man. We shot him in cold blood. He was unarmed. So was his wife. We shot her too. At least he's not going to terrorise you anymore.

Where's the body you ask?! Oh we threw that hellish thing away. Buried at sea. Sleeping with the fishes. What, you want photos? No you don't, you can't handle the graphic images! Seriously, they're gross, forget about them, just remember we're in control and you've got Gladiators right, watch that, and shut up, okay?

And what ever you do, don't follow this link and start questioning the shit we tell you. Bad things will happen.

That Benazir Bhutto is dead now, she should have kept her mouth shut. Doesn't she realise we've got a story to tell....…

Whatever you do. Don't. Think. For. Yourself.

Your government is in control.

End message.


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Oh well - sent the invitation.
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